Team Dynamics Development & Events

Teamwork makes dreams work.

Our dynamics programs range from individual events to complete development journeys and focus on the following aspects of High Performing Teams:

  • Trust
  • Accountability
  • Results
  • Happiness
  • Collaboration
  • Team Dynamics Matrix
  • Team Building Events
  • Team Coaching

Servicexcellence, offers you and your teams the one and only opportunity to understand, practice and live the theories & proven models that will lead you to achieving excellence in the future. We offer indoor and outdoor, customized team building events from 20 people up to 300 people to achieve: fun, collaboration and success!
Our in-house developed TEAM DYNAMICS DEVELOPMENT JOURNEY is a market leading long-term program for selected organizations which aim to invest in their people and future success.


Are you well prepared as a team to meet your targets? Do you have a clear picture where your team is now? Is there an urgency to boost team effectiveness and performance?
Is everyone committed to a common goal? If the answer is not ‘’yes’’ right away, it is time to boost up your representatives’ motivation, knowledge and skills. Servicexcellence – Business Consulting and Development has a record proven ability to drive your company to success. Our customized development workshops range from ½ day to 5 days interventions which aim to uplift your organization, inspire individuals and focus on excellence in the work environment.
Development programs transfer knowledge, and open participants’ eyes to new ideas, theories, and are suitable for all levels of the organization. Our main focus is to add value to our partners and enable to positive cultural change and measurable results.

Team Dynamics Journey, is a long-term engagement project where we review your current status quo, and act as your trusted development partner focusing on all aspects of your organization:

Leadership Focus, Vision, Mission Values

Customization, Optimum Performance

Mindset Change & Team Dynamics

Personal Effectiveness, Personality Testing

The Journey provides useful information and techniques which will help them to manage, motivate and lead their teams and themselves in a more efficient, enjoyable and profitable way.

Team Dynamics Journey’s Objectives:

  • Setting priorities and setting up goals
  • Understanding the dynamics of the group and focusing on their strength
  • High performance team development
  • Developing understanding, trust and effective communication methods
  • Customize development programs for all levels of the organization
  • Deliver highly engaging and effective development programs to achieve excellence

Team Dynamics Journey’s Results:

Your employees and team members will have:

  • Higher level of trust and understanding
  • Personal commitment for collective goals, Act as one team
  • Team Alignment.
Team Events

Bored of the same old team outings, and team building activities, lunches and dinners?

Contact for a team building event of another kind.

Our programs are conducted indoors and outdoors and reach from water-based to desert-based activities all around the Middle East and Europe.