Leadership Development

Leadership means taking action

  • Personality testing
  • Executive coaching
  • Strategic planning
  • Management Tool Box Journey

We customize the journey with and for you and support you on your personal way to excellence, as an individual or a team.

Our MANAGEMENT IN A TOOL BOX JOURNEY is a customized long-term development program for newly appointed and experienced Leaders in the organization which aim to evolve and achieve excellence in the future.

Companies with motivated and inspired employees deliver better results, generate fewer errors, and a stronger return on investment for the organization.

Managers are the main key to the success of a personnel and overall company success. Without knowing and using best management practices and tools, it is challenging to achieve greater results in business. We help you to achieve results the way you foresee them.

The Management Tool Box Journey, is a series of development programs for newly appointed line managers and the leadership team of your organization.

The Journey provides useful information and techniques which will help them to manage, motivate and lead their teams and themselves in a more effective, enjoyable and profitable way. The content is customized to suit your organizational needs and aspirations, and the level of the participants’ skills, knowledge and attitude. The duration of the journey is customizable as per your needs and timelines (3-5 days)

The Management in a Tool Box
Journey’s Objectives:

  • Differentiate between leadership and management
  • Understand the role of a manager and leader (Henry Mintzberg, Steven Covey)
  • Discover the personal leadership style, benefits and drawbacks of it and when which style applies as per the model of situational leadership
  • Planning and goals setting tools: SWOT, SMART, ABCD Matrix
  • Intrinsic and extrinsic motivational drivers and effective feedback
  • Coaching for optimum performance and managing high-performing teams
  • Delegation, time management and mentoring in the workplace
  • MBTI® Personality Traits assessment and personal action planning

The Management in a Tool Box
Journey’s Results:

  • To formulate goals and tasks in SMART format
  • To create a list of tasks to accomplish goals
  • To check how well an employee understood the task
  • To plan actions for control
  • To determine which tasks are suitable for delegation
  • To provide effective feedback
  • To determine the leading needs of the employee
  • To drive profitable results
  • To select motivational tools based on the employee’s leading needs
  • To create and fulfil a personal action plan of how to become a leader and role model in the organization