Training and Development

Customized Development Workshops, Journeys and Events

Training and development of the human capital, skills and motivation are our core business. We are passionate people with a passion for success, evolving organizations and waking up people to hear their greater call for life – happiness!

Our services are customized development workshops, journeys and events which are based on experience, knowledge, and proven and powerful platforms for customized solutions to meet each organization’s specific needs to develop and evolve.

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    Team Dynamics Development & Events

    Teamwork makes dreams work. Our dynamics programs range from individual events to complete development journeys.

    • Trust
    • Accountability
    • Results
    • Happiness
    • Collaboration
    • Team Dynamics Matrix
    • Team Building Events
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    MBTI® Development & Coaching

    MBTI® Development & coaching is a worldwide used practice to increase the individuals and organization’s performance through gaining insights into personality traits.


    •  yourself and your behaviour
    •  how to communicate effectively
    •  how to create success
    •  align in a team
    •  empower greatness
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    Leadership Development

    Our Leadership programs include:

    • Personality testing
    • Executive coaching
    • Strategic planning and the Management

    We customize the journey with and for you and support you on your personal way to excellence, as

    • An individual
    • A team
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    5 Dimensions of Development – Soft Skills

    Our 5 Dimensions of Development offer more than 30 different soft-skills development courses for all levels of the organization.

    We offer experiential classroom workshops with focus on the company’s and the individual’s:

    • Attitude
    • Skills
    • Knowledge


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    S.M.I.L.E.™ – The Customer Service Culture

    S.M.I.L.E.™ – The Customer Service Culture is a trademarked cultural change program suitable for 5-5,000 people.

    We customize and share one common language with individuals in one organization with the aim to achieve excellence in internal and external customer service.