We up-lift lives

Servicexcellence – Business Consulting and Development is a boutique training consultancy based in Dubai.

We are the local experts in people development, and human behaviors and the team and I have over 80 years of experience when it comes to motivational training and corporate skills building programs.
There are a lot of organizations who invest in their people. However, there are more companies, especially here, who do not spend money on their employees and expect them to yet be loyal, work hard and always smile.
Well, we, at Servicexcellence, therefore create an experiential 3 – hours workshop, customized for labourers in the UAE who do not have the means to access motivational – skill-building training: MEN POWER

The program, delivered in several languages (for 30-100 people at a time) focuses on the Take 5 Model we created:

  • Motivation
  • Health
  • Teamwork
  • Strength
  • Achievement

We use motivational models, and engaging activities to deliver one main message to the audience: ”If you are motivated, and if you take care of yourself and your health, you will be able to take care of your family and achieve success through strength and teamwork!”
We have been very blessed over the past years at Servicexcellence, and therefore, do not charge anything for this program.
Giving back and supporting the local community is our aim. If you have the right audience, reach out to us and we will consult you and your audience before we up-lift their lives.