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Sofie Pickhard, CEO and founder of Servicexcellence

Management consulting is the practice of helping organizations to improve their performance, operating primarily through the analysis of existing organizational problems and the development of plans for improvement. At Servicexcellence, this means that we identify your current status quo with you and use our proven tools to lead you to success.

Our tools include:
-Coaching to Servicexcellence
-Executive Coaching through MBTI®
-Mystery Shopping Services
-Focus Group Discussions
-Employee Satisfaction Surveys
-Customer Satisfaction Surveys

-Servicexcellence’s Combined Service Model™

Coaching to Servicexcellence
We believe that success and excellence are black and white. Either you take the right steps to evolve or you don’t. Our professional and certified coaches guide you and help you to achieve your goals and excellence personally and professionally. Coaching to Servicexcellence can be offered in one-to-one sessions as well as group sessions.

Executive Coaching through MBTI®

Our Executive Coaching programs are led by our certified, professional coaches and focus on personal and professional goals you aim to achieve. In house-enhanced personality tools such as the MBTI® or DISC®, allow us to identify your building blocks, strength and create your personal development plan with you.

Mystery Shopping Discover Excellence

It is our primary goal to assist you on the journey to becoming the source of your own success. This journey starts with analysing your business using a 360 degrees approach, focusing on your brand ambassadors’ performance – ‘’Discover Excellence™’’.

Discover Excellence™ shops are customized together with you. Our mystery shops focus to 90% on your brand ambassadors’ “ASK”, and to 10% on the overall operation, standards and experience as a customer or guest.

Mystery shops are offered for customer service – oriented businesses such as the retail, health, hospitality and pharmaceutical industry.

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Focus Group Discussions

Focus Group Discussions in general are an excellent way to gather together people from similar backgrounds or experiences to discuss a specific topic of interest. This topic could be their well-being in the company, the company’s strategic and future goals or the development of new, or improved services.

Our focus group discussions are facilitator lead meetings, where selected participants from 4 – 10 individuals are guided through the process of identifying the status quo and develop action plans for the right future steps to evolve your organization.

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Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Let’s face it. Your employees are your company’s most valuable source of success. It is vital that you keep checking-in with them on a regular basis, to understand how they feel, what they need, how they can contribute to your organization’s success and what they expect from you in return.

Servicexcellence creates anonymous, online-based surveys to give your people the chance to share what they experience, feel or maybe struggle with on a daily basis.

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Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Did you openly ask your customers how they feel about your service or products lately? Are you brave enough to find out what they want less of or expect more of in the future? It is important to listen to the voice of your customers.

Servicexcellence creates online-based, anonymous surveys and creates a platform for your customers to share their feedback with you. Being an external, objective consultancy allows us to get down to the real source of success and will help you to take the right steps in the future.

Servicexcellence’s Combined Service Model™

Servicexcellence is known for expertise, experience and customized development solutions. Our Combined Service Model™ shows that we are your partner along your development journey, regardless of your current status quo.