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At Servicexcellence we believe in personalized customer service, the benefit of adding value to stakeholders, the effectiveness of emotional intelligence when selling and the power of using the right techniques at the right time.

… ”100% CASH leads to 100% of HAPPINESS and 100% EXCEPTIONAL RESULTS!‘’…

…is the tagline behind development programs created by Servicexcellence.

The concept behind C.A.S.H is your employees acquire the right amount of CONFIDENCE when making an APPROACH while using effective and proven SELLING techniques which aim to add value and HAPPINESS to all stakeholders involved.

C.A.S.H. – The Up-Selling Program™ can be implemented in any type of service- and distribution-oriented industry. The program is suitable for those who are in contact with external customers, your clients, guests and visitors.

We successfully implemented C.A.S.H. – The Up-Selling Program™ with organizations operating in the hospitality, pharma- and health care sector, retail and technology industry.

C.A.S.H. – The Up-Selling Program™ enables your employees to develop their personal confidence, and identify the right time to sell the right products to the right customer. Results are achieved through the combination of proven theory, experiential activities. Servicexcellence’s team of trainers and facilitators share their industry expertise with your associates, to achieve results the way you foresee them in the form of:

  • one (1) day workshop delivery for your Leadership Team
  • one (1) day workshop delivery for Supervisors and Managers
  • three (3) hours workshop delivery for entry-level employees up to experienced ambassadors
  • C.A.S.H. – The Up-Selling Train the Trainer Program™