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Work and Life Balance

Posted at Jul 11, Wednesday, 12:00 am


Alex just completed his two years in the organization waiting for his first ever promotion. He recollects how much he worked hard without thinking about his family priorities and responsibilities. Today he has a voice conference call with the client till late and his mind is engrossed about not being there at his parents’ wedding anniversary celebration. He feels so dejected and guilty about not being able to share the family’s best moments.

The scenario Alex was facing is a very common one for many of us. Due to today’s competitive work environment imbalance happens between work and personal life, and it leads to more family conflicts, more problems in personal relationships, and physical and mental health problems.

Let’s contemplate what are various reasons of work and life imbalance.

First and foremost, the reason is that the younger generation who are faced with long hours, the expectations of 24/7 connectivity with the job and increasing pressure of competition and keeping oneself in race and at the same time on the backdrop family pressure is mounting too, like improving lifestyle and being active in social visage which creates different stresses on different aspects of personal and professional life.

A recent study and online article featured by consultants based in the United States of America, revealed that about 50 percent of the Gen X employees have seen their responsibilities increase at work over the last five years, while more than 40 percent said they have seen their responsibilities at the home increase at the same time. Maintaining a balance between these two will be the key to growth.

The professional consulting team at Servicexcellence – Business Consulting & Development helps you in finding the ways to get the balance right.

Our one to one coaching will help you how to set boundaries and save time for yourself. We help you identifying personal and professional futile activities that drain your time and energy and support you to improve your work stamina and time management skills which help you to leave work at work.

Enjoying and appreciating your life outside of work each day is the key to poor happiness.


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