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Why Happy Employees Create Happy Customer Reviews

Posted at Oct 03, Wednesday, 02:04 am


As more businesses realize excellent customer service can be a competitive advantage, the big question is not how to improve service performance, but how to create a culture of continuous service improvement with an unwavering focus on customer experience.

The broader the scale of your organization, the more critical it becomes that everyone in your teams, regardless of their position or location speak the same language and offer the same level of amazing service to internal and external customers.

Goal to create ONE incredible experience for all internal and external customers because the market has observed a shift in the way it looks at every customer care professional. Every employee is examined as a service provider and speaking one customer service language.

If employees are happy and positive towards providing the customer with a wow experience at every touch point, then you triumph in creating a happy customer service culture.


Importance of understanding a current status quo of service culture, principles and strategic plan and building a new customer service model or amend the existing one to become a customer-centric organization.

The idea behind creating a service culture, which stands for ownership, the willingness to serve and applying the concepts of real customer service, which are adding value to others by being happy and satisfied as a brand ambassador and associate.

It will help the organization to build Customer Happiness as it is affected by the Employees’ Happiness. In other words, if your employees are happy and engaged their level of service delivery will be reflected in their behavior and way of dealing with customers.

At Servicexcellence – Business Consulting & Development we created a unique service culture which is applicable for organizations employing 5-5,000 people:  S.M.I.L.E – The Customer Service Culture™ stands for five simple principles, through which this program implemented at your organization will lead you to success. Success through Service, Make their Day, Identify to improve, Love and Passion, Excellence!

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