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Twins of the Organization Success – Strategy and Culture

Posted at Nov 21, Wednesday, 04:05 pm


Peter Drucker rightly said, ‘culture eats strategy for breakfast ‘. It is an obvious fact that strategy execution and corporate culture play a remarkable role in achieving the organizational goals. However, the corporate culture emerges in between the strategy formulation and strategy execution.

An organizational strategy can be in fact properly developed on paper, however, whether this is not also appropriately executed with great or enough care and imbibed in the minds of the people of the organization is very important.

The most effective and appropriate way to asses corporate culture can be hence identified with its capability to support organizational strategy and more in particular and whether it consistently flowing through systems and processes of the organization.

The core values and beliefs should be strongly rooted in the organization then the strategy will work efficiently. The fact is each company has a different corporate culture, peculiar to this and only this should indeed represent the distinguishing characteristics of the organization, of its DNA.


A culture is one of the causes for the growth of the organization.

Corporate culture and strategy are interlinked unless the culture is not deeply rooted, strategy execution will not be effective. Every organization should concentrate and focus on fostering and promoting a type of culture which becomes a competitive advantage.  Employees are the who implement the strategy, culture can’t be manufactured, and it must nurture with the time and swallow down with the time.

Being a learning professional in the organization, it is utmost important to nourish the drive of culture through training programs. If employees can relate to the culture they live in, then there will be fewer conflicts and tons of collaboration and trust can be seen.

We at Servicexcellence – Business Consulting & Development adhere to build teams with cohesiveness among the company’s various departments and divisions who have a clear understanding of the core values and beliefs of the organization.

We create cultural -drive -programs for the organization to achieve customer satisfaction and profitability.

Our key program S.M.I.L.E. – The Customer Service Culture, is based on 5 easy, effective and measurable principles applied when dealing with internal and external customers at every touch point.

The culture aligns people, concepts and demonstrates a measurable effect from the moment the cultural light is ignited.


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