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Trust = Business

Posted at Feb 19, Tuesday, 12:00 pm


Like in any relation, trust is the base of achieving results. If this is a personal relationship, a friendship, a marriage or a business engagement – trust leads to open communication, shared reality and shared expectations and mystical success and satisfaction (or happiness).

Why is it the case that sometimes, in business arrangements an underlying battle of superiority has to come into existence? Are negotiations the root cause, or is it ego of the involved parties? Does a lack of communication and transparency exist due to fear of “losing”?

What is there to lose in a relationship?

In our past years as business consultants and corporate trainers, we found that the more you share, the more confident you are about what you share, the more credibility and mutual success you achieve for everyone involved in the process.

More effective results shared success stories, and sustainable satisfaction is created when working together instead of against each other.

When we consult with people in our network or field, they sometimes share their stories about interactions with their suppliers or customers with us, and it is sad to hear that the more the economy decreases the trust and pie of fruitful business shrinks equally fast.

It is in good times, and especially in hard times vital to be transparent with your clients and colleagues, as these times will be remembered and loyalty and trust is key to managing expectations and success.

  • Make sure that your intend is positive.
  • Make sure that your actions are ethical, and that you always work up to the best of your abilities.
  • Be consistent in your approach.
  • Listen carefully to what business partners and colleagues share with you.
  • Seek to understand, not only to respond.
  • Stay true to yourself and who you represent.
  • Be amazing, every day!

The team at Servicexcellence is thankful for the amazing network and range of business partners and clients we have and cherish every day we can share value with them. We built our relations based on open communication and trust from both sides, and the results speak for themselves.

At the beginning of 2019, we say: ”Thank you from us to all of you – let’s achieve more greatness in the next 100 years to come! This is just the beginning!”

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