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Transforming Organization with Learning and Development Functions

Posted at Oct 14, Sunday, 01:00 pm


Sustaining a Learning & Development functions can be a challenging task, keeping in mind its direct relation with the total productivity of the people in the organization.

L&D professionals need to ensure that they have the comprehensive understanding of the business objectives, vision, and current status quo so that the changes and development programs are always allied.  Linking business strategy with learning initiatives – knowing the key results and the measures that affect the key issues and concerns will help one focus on the right areas for development first.

Identify the major and the boiling development need of the organization, deliver on that as soon as possible and circulate the results to the stakeholders so you can develop further development plans How a shift in thinking can transform thinking a quality mindset to an impact and results in the mindset.

L&D professionals tend to give more focus on people development but losing the focal point of organizational objectives.

Organizational change is the key issue the sustainability agenda, demanding action from learning departments. This requires a complete shift of thinking from top management, so they can help with maximizing a growth opportunity.

The L&D function should support and integrated with organizational transformation movement, with well-designed sustainability initiatives can be delivered by them to support the change. Creating a learning organization is like modifying its behavior and strategy to reflect new knowledge and insights.

Organizations transferring knowledge quickly and efficiently throughout the organization is important to achieve the development of the people. Managing long development program is important as well programs are strongly focused and feature a small set of methods tailored to employees’ needs.

Servicexcellence – Business Consulting & Development is helping the business partners to have a sustainable learning curve with focus training and consulting interventions to base on the status quo and objectives of the organization. Our Combined Service Model has proven itself and its power over the past years, and we achieved great results with our business partners. Be one of them!


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