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The Gap between College and Corporate Skills

Posted at Jan 02, Wednesday, 09:43 am


Sumit worked as a tele caller, an auto sales executive, and a collection executive in the bank before he found his calling as an HR- back and support officer in IT company in Dubai. He changed quite a few job roles before finding the right fit for him.

I think, today, we can find many Sumits waiting eagerly to get a called for that interview where they can utilize their knowledge they learned in Management School. However, the irony is very few get into the desired job profile as they lack practical skills needed by organizations today.
The question raised here is: do colleges effectively prepare today’s graduates for today ’s competitive and dynamic work environment? Unfortunately, the answer is No.

In the world, In spite of high unemployment, however, our world is remarkably short of employees with the right skills. We can find many young aspirants Sumit who are talented but lack of essential corporate skills. The disengagement between how educators and employers see college graduates’ readiness is absolutely in contradictory.

There are two perspectives pertaining to it. Firstly academic curriculum is not attuned or designed with today’s fast-changing world market and secondly, students are not honing their skills during their colleges days, where they should find some on-campus practical skilling program which can give them interface with outside market. Moreover, most of the Organization’s never come up with any proper communication about what skills and characteristics they need in fresher’s.

The crux of the problem is that even higher education like master curriculum being dissociated from the reality, Universities are not initiating for giving right kind of orientation to a student to market ready, so most of the students’ knowledge is not well-aligned with what happens incorporates. Fresh Graduates come out form Colleges and Universities like some factory products who have no real touch or personal aspiration, if compared to tangible metaphors.
Here students should instigate in process of learning during their colleges days to be ready for apt jobs. There are three ways to fill this gap.

We offered bite-size training courses available. These courses are perfect for the competent student of 21st Century. These courses are devised in such a fashion that participant will begin with understand his own individual strengths and will also be orientated towards skills in a corporate/professional environment. Skills vary from Interview Skills, Communication Skills, Writing Skills, and Business Etiquette and How to work in teams.

There will be adequate assignment or projects to be completed by Students that help learn how to solve problems in a corporate setting and setting their goal. On the more technical side, Students will understand how each industry has some sort of minimum standard in relations with soft competencies. This can assist them to crack interview and performing appropriately as well.

Coaching is the art of facilitating fresh graduates in their learning journey to become successful in a corporate environment. Coaching can help students move forward by looking at your current skills and intend to facilities with the right skills.

Here the coach’s role is not to give advice, but instead to help a student make own choices pertaining to career and support in how to acquire those skills. Coaching is generally one on one to its student’s coaches help students stay connected to market skills and motivated, supporting them in leveraging their current resources and maximizing their professional success. Moreover, this very affordable for students and at the end toolkit will be given to avoid the waiting period and be successful right after you graduate. A coach can provide you counselling too.

Mentoring – it’s a tough job market, especially for fresh faces with little experience. This is where mentoring can really help. Mentors are invaluable in supporting a mentoree during a job search or in a new job. They offer encouragement, a second opinion, a supportive environment, and they are an advocate of your development.

Servicexcellence – Business Consulting & Development will help have to bridge that gap between the skills that exist and the skills that are needed to be a successful member of any organization.
Our Youth Leadership, Future Leadership, and Management in a Tool Box – programs are designed to support young and experienced individuals to get more success than ever imagined.


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