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The Four+ Steps to Building a High – Performing Team

Posted at Dec 11, Tuesday, 10:45 am


When analyzing the groundwork of a high – performing team, Step 1 is about finding the right people. How do you define “right”? Well, you’re looking for people who are enthusiastic and want to contribute. You’re looking for team players and people who can get on well with others, accommodate to your cultural hues and norms and you should also look for people whose skills and natural abilities contribute in the way you need for the task you need to accomplish.

Step 2 can be tied with Step 1, while tapping these good people into roles that suit their natural capacities and skills. Because we know trying to change is the road to pain and frustration for people and leaders both.

It is proven when people can spend their time doing what they are naturally good at, they will achieve way beyond your expectations. Give people the best chance to excel and create an up-curved performance.

Step 3 is all about training and encouragement are essential – especially on long-term projects. Training helps individuals to constantly change, and if you have got bright, intelligent people on the board then this is one of their most basic desires: to evolve, learn and grow. Feed that needs and not only will you end up with a happy team, but you will have a group of individuals whose skills are always increasing, too.

Cheer is important, even with the most bored and sceptical adults! Acknowledge and encourage helping in building a highly motivated, highly engaged team very quickly.

Constantly reviewing is Step 4. In the early days of the team, it’s important to give people feedback to help them figure out what’s expected. Leaving it for too long, as that gives too much time without structure and allows problems to develop. What’s more, if you stick to these four steps, you’ll massively increase the amount of time you have available to you, as your team will be taking on more and more responsibility as they develop.

Over to You: Your Concerns About Building A High- Performing Team? Building a team is a big responsibility, and it is expected you still have questions and concerns. Servicexcellence -Business consulting & Development can help you to think your way around them!

We apply all four steps with you, and even and the + when creating a culture around your team that allows them to sustain high-performing.


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