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Shifting the Mind Set

Posted at Apr 06, Friday, 08:00 am


Today’s organizations are facing a huge challenge when it comes to shifting a mindset and bringing the real culture change that helps to achieve desired results, as we all are conditioned to keep our mindset on auto -mode, and reinforcing it into bump- mode which is more of reacting to new and evolving situations
The whole idea behind shifting the mindset is that to increase efficiency, productivity, and creativity. Organizations need to think about the untapped knowledge that exists in the all levels of the organization; but how do we create a right mindset within the organization is the important question. Well, mindset is engrained and reinforced in the value system of the company. It symbolizes the corporate “culture,”, it is a great combination of practices and unwritten norms.
Changing the mindset requires a lot of courage and sacrifices from management and employee side, too not everyone wants to get into a bumpy ride of the uncertainty and adopting new way forward. Employees are always reductant and fearful of changes because of an unknown is approaching them, here the management can step in and building consensus through proper communication and transparency. if everyone is accountable then no one is to blame.
When you plan something new and evolve remember that it would not be digested and accepted in the system immediately, so keeping a realistic expectation would save you from a backlash. Gradually, you can get all levels involved in a new transformation initiative and develop practices that can be used every day as part of the flow of work to strengthen new mindsets.
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