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People Development and Community Service

Posted at Mar 14, Thursday, 10:27 am


“We have been blessed in the past years. Our passion for people and their development led us to achieve wonderful results. It is however important that we stay true to ourselves and stay humble”, Sofie Julia Ziethen, founder and CEO of Servicexcellence – Business Consulting and Development.


Based on these words, Sofie shared with her team of consultants in 2018, Servicexcellence launched two complimentary development programs for women and men in the United Arab Emirates, that do not have access to education.

The programs, titled: WomenEMPOWERMENT and MenPOWER, are corporate social responsibility projects that focus on:
– giving back to the community
– adding value to those who are often forgotten
– support those in need and simply
– share happiness with women and men from all regions and communities

MenPOWER is a program that’s is created for construction site workers and labourers in the United Arab Emirates.

Those men who built the cities we live in. Those who keep the streets clean, brush windows and streets, and those who live in the hundreds of labour camps spread all over the country.

Servicexcellence and associates visit labour camps and run free team building workshops, hand out prices, play joyful music and simple crate smiles on those peoples’ faces who participate!

The program focuses on renewing self-esteem, a positive image, happiness and setting new goals.

The program is offered to ladies who need support in finding a new job, as well as ladies who have been mistreated or abused in the past.

Servicexcellence works with institutions such as the Dubai Foundation for Women and Children and the Philippines Overseas Labour Office, where women seek support and just a little care.

It does not cost us anything than a little of our time. It gives us so much in return.

The smiles, the hugs and the sparks of joy in people’s eyes are worth more than collecting millions of dollars, and we are blessed that we have the ability and capacity of giving back and sharing our motivation and joy with others.


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