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MBA In Self-Management

Posted at Apr 25, Wednesday, 12:00 am


Ahmed, and his classmates have planned to meet for Friday night out, Dinner followed by a party and chit chatting, they are apparently catching up after two years, while conversing with them, Ahmed got to understand every one of his friends has planned about goals and career aspirations, his friends have an idea of where are they heading in the next 5 years in their career life? When it comes to Ahmed, he just said I’m sure if I am doing better in my job, my boss will notice and eventually promote me.” Maybe, but maybe not.

This is a very common phenomenon with most of the young professionals who want to excel in their career but behave like that if they join a company, go with the flow and hope that someone, someday, recognizes their skills and potential is false. It is like you are riding a horse, but you do not have a whip to guide or direct the horse. Every young professional should draw out a roadmap to arrive at, a destination, having a clear list of goals will help ensure they are headed in the right direction and end at the desired location using the most direct route.

An effective process to assess oneself and our competitors and formulate strategies is an analysis called “SWOT.” But this exercise isn’t just for businesses. It can be helpful for job seekers. This is all about identifying your internal strengths and weaknesses as well as external opportunities and threats. Key to concluding your SWOT analysis is to treat your career as a business and yourself as a competitive product. It helps young professional. The significance of the personal SWOT analysis helps to take appropriate actions to best meet the requirements of the job or promotion you are seeking.

SWOT analysis is tool can be well taught by an experienced trainer and learning personnel. While busy doing your job, you can opt for an online coaching program which can help you to guide in Self-Management. It is not a degree. Rather, it is a professional credential, designed to provide practical knowledge and core business competencies that can be applied immediately on the job. The curriculum depends upon where you’re at in your career and where you want to go. Mini MBAs generally seek to provide young professional with some level of business acumen.

We at Servicexcellence-Business Consulting &Development, come up with Youth Leadership Program can touch upon vigorous subjects like Goal Setting, Soft skills and Business Strategy, Project Management and Leadership. Training has a unique methodology included relevant and concise course structure for each participant, the use of technical and subject matter expert and personalized feedback, there are participants led presentations moreover there would be mentoring for each participant.

We believe mentoring can assist in discover self-management process which encompasses a very broad range of skills, qualities, attitudes and experience. Mentor can help you to identify tools and resources for successful self-management. He will make you understand the importance of constructive attitudes to success in any field and moreover how to evaluate and develop your emotional intelligence. It will be more of activity-based mentoring which can help mentoree to classify a personal goal or a situation that you wish to think about more deeply, to give focus to your responses.


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