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Fundamental Mistakes Done by Fresh Graduates

Posted at Jun 28, Thursday, 12:00 am


Rajiv, a 21 years old-young student entering a convocation hall with exhilaration to receive his academic degree, catching up with classmates and conversing about his dream job, few of his classmates already got into lucrative jobs, others quickly accepted any position to show some experience in their résumé, and there are few joined their traditional family business, and Rajiv is still pondering where has he lacked that till now he has not landed upon dream job. Golden ink engraved on certificate displaying distinction which should open a door for decent employment. I think these questions must have been bursting up in many of the fresh aspirants.

If you are browsing in job portals, and career classifieds attending some irrelevant interviews can’t draw out your career path, as you have spent your precious years of college in partying, hanging around with friends, just loitering on social media sites and attending coaching classes. Most of the fresh job seekers do not brainstorm on techniques which can help them to push ahead in competition.

The study shows that more than 70% of students don’t get into suitable jobs after graduation vice versa employers have a different say about it, which Graduates are not ready well in which decode into three significant mistakes fresh graduates make.

Lack of practical worldly insight: Fresh graduates are not able to use the canvas of college years to add some real-time experience like summer internships, part-time work, or opting for a volunteering role etc. before they apply for entry-level jobs.
Unable to hone right skill sets: Employers wish for a blended approach of technical skills and right interpersonal skills while selecting Fresh graduates. Fresh graduates are not able to cultivate their people skills set during their golden period of college.

Absence of Career Planning: Fresh graduates intensely fail in setting their career goals before entering the job market. It is becoming imperative as the market is complex and it wants people with niche skills. Having excellent communication skills is as important as scoring good grades.
To surge your chances of success, graduates must adopt some real-time practical training to land upon dream job since generally employers don’t look beyond work experience when hiring a candidate, as experienced candidates must less training and they are jobs ready. Here is simple some guidance which helps fresh graduates to kick-start with their career.

Our Career Coach Program, which is obtainable through classroom sessions too. As learning is more accessible and possible for fresh job seekers, it can consist of following:

Career Goals: the study shows that new graduates lack in setting their career goals, there is career coach program can help new job seekers to figure out valuable information & guidance through right tools and assessments to find what you really want in your career life, where is your inclination of different career field and how to make a right decision to building your career dream comes true.
Moreover, such programs can help you to unleash your strength and to understand what the pre-requests and desired skill set employers are to look for respective job profile.

Impression Management: First impression is not the last but yes long-lasting. Landing an interview is never enough. You need to impress your potential employer and grab the job.
Here you need some exercise fundamentally to sharpen your grooming standards, modifying your body language and what are the factors which can influence your future employer. Here you have the option available through online career coach program which can help to tweak your personality traits which are desired by prospect employer. Here you can learn how to use social media and your alumni circle effectively to build networks.

Interviewing Skills: Finally, you got an interview call from a potential employer, and you are nervous as the butterfly has started flying in your stomach now anxiety accompanies the excitement though you know all technical facts about what the employer expects from the job.

Here a career coach program can help you with a fundamental framework for building a professional resume, how to dress appropriately for an interview, they help you to rehearse on the expected set of question-related to the job profile. There are practice sessions for how to influence the interviewer on answering precisely to the questions, asking right questions and negotiate for the desired salary.

We at Servicexcellence – Business Consulting & Development will help to get yourself ready for your dream job through a vigorous coaching program which can translate your vision job into a reality.


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