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Do you want to simply survive or live a fruitful and happy life?

Posted at Feb 18, Monday, 11:40 am


In midst of rough times, we all have our survival strategies. Someone peruses yoga or a brisk walk in the morning or someone broods into reading books or adventure outside.

Most of the times it is difficult to sustain calmness throughout the day.

There are a million reasons that barely allow you to catch a breath, rather makes you race against time with strict deadlines and increasing competition.

How do you hold yourself and sail through such times? Success comes to you when you learn to master them.

Here are a few simple tips to express your liveliness.

  1. We all know the power of our subconscious mind which controls all the dynamic processes of your body and knows the answer to every problem. Before going off to sleep, you must turn over a specific request to the subconscious mind and believe the miracle is working out, adding power to you. The request must be actionable, possible and a positive affirmation of WHAT you want to achieve and HOW.


  1. Watch your thoughts. Sometimes the root cause of all our all frustration is due to the unfulfilled desires. If you live on the obstacles, delays, and difficulties your subconscious mind will respond accordingly, and you are blocking your own good. If you can keep your subconscious mind busy with expectations of the best or keeping busy in a thing which is of best interests of you eventually subconscious will faithfully reproduce your habitual thinking.


  1. “What you could imagine you could achieve it” – visualizing a happy ending or solution to your problem, will add up the thrill of accomplishment and sensation of felling accomplish.


These are only a few of the tips we have to offer and to share with you. We at Servicexcellence – Business Consulting & Development believes in the power of a positive mind and has the expertise to unleash the different dynamics of the mind through various wellness programs.

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