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Competency Based Development

Posted at Nov 06, Tuesday, 04:00 pm


The key to transforming traditional training into competency-based training is so centered on the training needs assessment process and its focus. Instead of limiting attention to work requirements as in the traditional approach, the goal is to discover the differences between standard and fully successful performers and trying to narrow those differences.

Competency models provide a holistic approach that acknowledges dimensions to performance other than knowledge, skills, and attitudes. Competency-based training may involve the more challenging activities of changing individual motivation levels and cultivating the development of personality traits.

There are several possible advantages to orienting training toward building individual competence. Competency-based training is highly individualized to meet learner needs.

Individual and team performance is examined against the performance of exemplary teams. When training department develops a team competency model that includes specific competencies and behavioral indicators associated with exemplary team performance.

After that, individual members are assessed against the team competency model using a 360-degree competency assessment or other method such as a performance test. Finally, trainers compile the ratings of the entire team and use them to guide the training plans for team members.

We believe competencies are contextual. The context is given by the organization, the function, the role, the level and the timing. Normally when the Competency Mapping is done the organizational, the functional and role-related contexts are taken into consideration. Therefore, the competencies required to perform the role of the leaders in one organization cannot be easily used for another.

We at Servicexcellence – Business Consulting & Development believe in identifying preferred behaviors and personal skills which distinguish excellent and outstanding performance from the average. A competency is the ingredient (skills, knowledge, attributes and behaviors) that contributes to excellence.

We develop competent people through our innovative role-based development programs and interventions which help people performing various competent roles.


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