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Business Breakfast Networking by Servicexcellence

Posted at Mar 14, Thursday, 10:27 am


Servicexcellence launched a new activity in 2019, where we invite our key business partners and their clients to a professional business breakfast in Dubai.

The aim is to connect with our existing network as well as to engage with new pioneers and experts of various industries.

The invitations are extended to people from the talent industry, banking, healthcare, research, hospitality, and retail industry. The diverse group of people all have two things in common- the connection to Servicexcellence and the passion for people and their development and success.

The monthly initiative is a great success and allowed us to share immediate value with the participants.

We invite keynote speakers, share industry updates, research studies, and only do what we do best: motivate people to open up and to connect to others and to, therefore, widen their horizon!

We will continue to not only share our insights, however, to also grow a network of value that enriches everyone’s life.


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