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Boss Psychology

Posted at Sep 04, Tuesday, 12:00 am


Raheel, a Trainee joined 3 months ago in the reputed telecom company in Dubai, is accelerating pace his car and keep looking at his watch, it is Sunday already 9.45am. He is contemplating over what would be consequences as he is running late for a meeting and be fixing responses for his boss rapid fire round questions. He recalled a horrified image of his boss, a very challenging and difficult human being who has no emotions and his face turned lament. This is the definitely common sketch of a boss in everyone’s mind, a guy who chronically hostile, abusive and no mood of understanding others issue.
Most of the time young professionals get into a negative spiral as they conceived in their mind that difficult boss is part of the professional life, but the reality is boss behavior depends upon various stimuli. It is a fact that people leave jobs most often because they have not been successful in satisfying the demands or regulating the behavior of their boss.
They lose out because of unsuccessful boss relations; because they lack an understanding of “boss psychology’’. If we don’t need to turn into a scholar of psychology in order to be able to deal with his/her boss, however to understand both the motives and personality traits that drive bosses behaviors and attitudes.
To deal with difficult bosses we need to gear up on interpersonal relations or developing effective work relationship with the boss.You always look for your boss for support, guidance, and affirmation.
However, you are not able to understand and manage his behavior, then conflict arises and it affects your job performance. You must develop an interpersonal relationship is all about conflict handling, assertive communication skills and problem-solving. The way you handle customer complaints and behavior, you have to handle the behavior of internal customer that is your boss.

Interpersonal relationships can be developed through major four major components, they touch upon to enhance Interpersonal Relationship is Self –Expression, Self Perception, Decision Making and Stress Management. Few guidelines will help you to make a great first impression every time and develop excellent listening skills. Moreover, how to achieve incontrovertible charisma in the workplace.
Servicexcellence – Business Consulting & Developemnt, helps orgnisations and young minds to hone their interpersonal comminication skills to develop healthy relationship with others in the social context.


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