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Anger Management: Turn Anger into Composure and Ease

Posted at Jan 15, Tuesday, 07:30 am


Remember the situation where you feel like exploding on someone.  Are you often getting into this situation and lose track of what is right and wrong?

When you see no reason for your anger on someone and then you repent on what happened? Do you generally yell or scream at other people for small things?

Welcome to the club, you are one among millions who are victims of this much overwhelming emotional explosiveness which is as good as a human bomb ready to explode any time!

So, what are the outcomes of the anger stress, high blood pressure, relationship getting spoiled, at times even getting inaccessible among friends, colleagues & family?

In that spur of the moment, we don’t understand that getting angry doesn’t improve the situation and life’s too short to waste on feeling bad. It can only help us to lose our repute and as a person who gets always angry. Learning how to keep your blood stops boiling and keeping your mouth shut in that pick of the moment then you can win a battle against this suicide bomb.

When the anger runs through our bloodstreams, and your nerves start getting into your brains you might want to try doing the following when angry, it is easy to start cursing or saying wild things to our target. Sometimes one must choose to pick up the fight or remain silent and save the energy.

The first tip is walking: walking makes our brain release endorphins which gives a sense of wellbeing and makes us feel relaxed. So, excuse yourself and immediately walk out from that room or place to give yourself little break and time to pause. This way you will more focus on problems than a reaction to the problem.

Secondly, start forgiving people who make you angry. If we stop showing that we get angry, we instead often and embrace tolerance and that is much more productive than anger.

However, don’t expect that the other people will follow your example.

Here are some more relaxation techniques:

  • go for a walk
  • breathe in and out deeply and think of a calming place where you feel comfortable and happy
  • understand the ‘’other side’’ of the situation
  • write down all situations that set you off in an “anger journal”

Keeping a track to our reactions and burst outs. This is a very useful tool in keeping our anger in check as we can review the situation and try to solve it on a later date. It is quite a task to learn anger management but if you keep practicing you will get into anger free world.

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