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10 Soft Skills Career Market Expects

Posted at Apr 12, Thursday, 12:00 am


Finally, Neenah, B Tech last year from Dubai has taken a big sigh when she got selected for Final round for IT Organization as Project Coordinator, being a top ranker from renown university, she was vouching on this job which can decode her dreams of career, but she was ignorant that her dream for this job will be shattered. Asking feedback on her Final round, employer is looking for right balance of technical skills and soft skills as profile has many elements like coordination with clients offshore, they wanted someone one who can “wear many hats” is more likely to get hire. Neenah being scholar and scoring great was not able to grab this job. Such stories happen everywhere due to lack of essential soft skills market wants.

Most of the fresh graduates think that the qualifications or credentials of a person are enough for entry into an organization, but the reality is absolutely differing that the important skills that are more social than technical are more for fostering a dynamic workforce and are always in high demand. The job skills gap has been an ongoing subject of controversy.

What exact soft skills, they are “attitudes and behaviors displayed in interactions among individuals that affect the outcomes of various interpersonal encounters” These are skills that refer to the ability to communicate and interact with other employees in a positive manner. There are certain skills and attributes that are universally sought by employers. Here is the list of soft skills desired by employers

Communication Skills, Interpersonal Skills, Flexibility, Problem Solving Skills, Emotional Intelligence, Work Ethics, Working Under Pressure, Positive Attitude, most likely you possess one or more of these attributes which is certainly good news! The even better news is that the attributes that employers seek are those that you can improve upon through training, professional development, or obtaining coaching/mentoring from someone who understands these skills and it is feasible too for working professional.

We at Servicexcellence -Business Consulting & Development focus on skills which are required by employers which are professionalism, integrity, reliability, communication, and teamwork as the top soft skills priorities for entry-level employment. It offers a full selection of Soft Skills training and assessments designed to support your business and professional development. These training are presented by subject matter experts and discover a diverse range of topics from presentation skills, communication skills, public speaking and time management skills, email etiquette and workplace diversity, these programs will equip you with the tools you need to improve your job performance.
The guidance of expert coaches and assessors vastly improves training results. These coaches can help you with the tools to equip with skills desired by market expert to survive in corporate environment.


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